Thursday, April 15, 2010

Istanbul Day 2: the jet set

Today felt more like a dancer's day:
- wake up at 10 and try to get to breakfast before they close at 10:30
- see who's there and what they are planning, try to figure out who to tag along with.

But I let myself off the hook for that. I pushed hard enough and touristed enough yesterday. So, after hustling to breakfast I took my took my time and went to the gym for an light workout. Read in my room for a bit (that kindle takes up a lot less space in my bag then those 5 books would have, thanks you guys) and met Rob and Annmaria for a trip downtown.

Annmaria was in rug negotiations. We accompanied her to the shop, and along the way ran into Michael and Amy in the old Hippodrome. Annmaria got her beautiful blue rug and I ended up buying something at the shop as well, not a rug though. I do love those rugs, though ...

Then we wandered down the hill in this area to some artist shops, and Michael and Amy bought cool prints of dervishes by a local artist.

Back up the hill we ran into our carpet merchant friend Omer, who suggested a rooftop restaurant ... great views. We had appetizers and wine, hummus, eggplant, beans, a spicy tomato & onion dip and enjoyed the mellow vibe of familiar friends and the setting sun, the views over the Marmara and of the city.

Now time for bed ... our shows start tomorrow

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