Sunday, April 25, 2010

iTour Stage 2: Modena, Italy

Ceiling of the theater here in Modena

Beautiful theater here in Modena.
We didn't have to rehearse as much here, as they figured they'd let us rest a little more. However, I could have used it since this was the steepest rake. I made up for it by spending time warming up, making sure I covered tricky stuff like, turning on a diagonal.

Sean has a level app in his iphone, and has been measuring the last few rakes. Mestre was around 4 degrees, Pavia 2, and Modena 5.6! It doesn't sound like a big number or difference, but you could get a calf stretch by facing upstage ...

Smoke: Changes opens with a haze onstage. Steve called smoke go, then stop smoke. The guy misunderstood and cranked it up more. As a result there was so much smoke onstage that we couldn't see the audience, and they couldn't see us. It was like a scene from Spinal Tap. You couldn't even see the 1000 foot-candle lights from the side of the stage when onstage.

There was a pocket that seemed clear of smoke so I steered my solo/duet with Amy down to that part of the stage, but according to Bettie and Andy out front it didn't matter: when the curtain rose so much smoke went into the audience that they couldn't see more than a few feet.

Spinal Tap.

At least dinner was good.

Today we fly to Israel. First yoga in the room and then a walk with a few of the others. It's a holiday and everything here is closed, btu Amy and I have to settle a bet and someone owes a gelatto. Trouble is I can't remember who owes whom ...

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