Thursday, April 22, 2010

iTour Stage 2: Italy tough day

We got into Modena last night about 6:30.
After settling into my small room with a big window I took a walk in the pleasant air. After waiting 5 hours in the airport for our delayed flight and riding in the bus for an hour I needed to be away from the others for a bit, so the sweet air and beautiful cobbled streets the perfect company.

I chose a restaurant at random, and was ready to unpack the kindle when John called my name. They had already eaten but I joined John, Bettie and Andy for a nice outdoor dinner of carpaccio and arugula, then orichiette with sausage.

Today we bus 3 hours to Mestre (outside Venice) rehearse and perform, find a restaurant after our 9pm show, and bus home. Tomorrow we do the same ...

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