Saturday, April 17, 2010

Istanbul Day 3: Shows begin

Back to work today ...
I overslept and missed breakfast, so I stretched in the room for a bit, showered and shaved and headed out for kebab.
After that, it was a typical show day - a little yoga in the room and heading down to lobby call. On the bus we caught up with the tour stories: who bought what where and for how much, who got lost, ripped off by cabbies, sick, or finally caught up on sleep. Sean slept for close to 15 last night! I guess he hadn't slept but a couple hours since we'd been here. He wasn't able to sleep at night and pushed himself to go sightseeing/rug shopping during the day both days.

I had an easy show - 1 dance, Piazzolla Caldera. Rehearsed first, performed last, it makes for a long day in a dark theater. At least I was dance captain for the other dances so I had something to do other than sit in the dark.

The theater is decent, 900 seats, clean. It's a concert hall though, so not made for theater or dance. Crossover is in the hall, wooden walls backstage, and not a very high ceiling. Hard stage but Steve had the crew lay a carpet under the marley to make it softer.

I had a good show, no complaints. We opened with Brandenburgs, which has some pretty damn good dancing by the company. It's always a joy to watch the men jumping in that one, and women's dancing is really incredible. It helps that they all love the dance so much, and you can listen to Bach over and over again.

After dinner I hit the local place down the street 'kebabi' As in:

Bobby: what you gonna eat now?
JB: Kebabi ... I don't know, but whatsever I play, it's GOT to be TURKISH...

James Brown anyone?

OK, thank you skype for letting me talk to my family ...

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