Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iTour Stage 2: Italy

So I meant to get out and see Bari but by noon I felt pretty bad. By the time I headed to the theater I had a fever and chills and aches. This meant bundling up with an extra shirt and doing mix of yoga, pilates and ballet for a warmup. I spent all the time I needed, getting my center set up and warm, and then made sure to get some movement phrases in at the end of the warmup, all the way to jumps - you'd be surprised how many people don't do this.

I took special care to work on things that the rake had tripped me up on. It worked pretty well, I nailed a double turn to a pitch arabesque ... as well as a double pitch attitude turn. Not bad for a raked stage.

As soon as I was done dancing for the night the chills and aches came back. The cast of Brandenburgs was wailing away on stage and I spent time alternately bundled and stretching or photographing.

I planned on going out after the show but was far too blown. Sean got takeout pizza and salad on his way back to the hotel for a skype date with his wife and brought me some pasta and bread. I was starving, but also nauseous ... so I dithered between chowing hungrily and closing my eyes and moving away from the smell so as not to throw up.

I think Andy is doing a great job as company manager. John has some big shoes to fill, and Andy has an ease to the way he's handling this transition that's nice - Andy did run Taylor 2 for 2 years so he's accustomed to the job. It's also nice to have him helping give notes - we can approach him on the side to make sure our choices read. Here he is getting a head count for the restaurant for after the show:

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