Sunday, April 18, 2010

Istanbul Day 5: Show # 2 and leaving

Well, I talked up that kokoresh sandwich I had the other day to the others a lot. I found out what's in it ... it's sheep stomach or intestines. I don't know if I would have ordered it had I known, but it was good.

I woke up in time for breakfast and spent time socializing, and read in the hotel till call.

Did a solid warmup, but felt crappy by the time we were rehearsing the last dance. Couldn't land jumps well - couldn't use my legs to cushion a landing, every landing reverberated up my spine. It was a concrete stage, and I can usually adjust to it, but I was cooked.

I took a little nap in the couch in the dressing room I share with Michael, did a nice solid pilates warmup and was able to have a pretty rockin' show.

Airs opened, and I had no problem with jumping, cushioned everything pretty well, taking transitions in the muscles rather than the joints. My duet with Annmaria went very well, we've gotten more and more used to each other in the fast stuff. And it's pretty fast. I felt like I did the slow stuff well, so last night felt like the best one yet.

Changes, I was in a good mood from Airs. But after my duet with Amy I was pretty tired. At least it's all downhill after that... Airs sorta wiped me out. James and Amy goofing around helped through.

Promethean. I think It was number 203 for me last night. Again, a good little duet with Amy. The intense stuff comes easy these days, I can slip into that mode without any forcing. I know that I'm leaving this behind, so I can let things go that ordinarily may have gotten to me. It's great, and I am having a good time onstage, despite missing my family...

Last night I ate at Kebabi again. Why eat Italian when we're about to go to Italy for a week?

Today we fly to Bari ... gnocchi tonight! Off to breakfast and the gym ...

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